Letter from the Principal

As I sit down with my cup of green tea to write, nostalgia comes flooding in. It is a beautiful eclectic mosaic of images, bitter-sweet memories, and steady achievements. Excuse my romantic ramblings as I have turned a solid sixty this year and I’m raring to go. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on newer challenges. I now see the world through my glasses and believe me, the view is clearer sharper, and real. I founded JISK on the premises of offering a world class, affordable educational environment in Kinshasa. Today, I am humbled by my achievements. As I look out of my office, I can see students from different nationalities playing together, sharing meals, and exchanging ideas. This is Model United Nations happening right here on JISK’s campus!

To quote T.S. Eliot, “I grow old I grow old, I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled”; No, I am not hanging up my working shoes yet. In my sixty years, I have realized that change is the only constant. I have always been prompt in introducing it in this school.

This academic year is already buzzing with activities. Students, teachers, and parents have been excited and busy with the Spelling Bee and Writing Competition. Many more activities are planned for this academic year.

Education at JISK aims at building well-rounded citizens for tomorrow. To equip them with the skills they need to thrive in a global, ever-changing, multi-faceted world.

I would like to share something personal which I have learned in my sixty years- to be successful one has to learn, unlearn, and relearn and that is exactly what I have been doing to provide a world class education. Also, stop putting pressure on your child for academic excellence and allow them to nurture their individual talents. Remember that “Parent of the Year” is not the one with the most successful child, but the one with the happiest!

A hearty thank you to all my staff, students, and parents for their constant support, encouragement, and active participation


Najma Munshi





"Encouraging" respect and tolerance.
"Improving" moral values.
"Instilling" confidence, co-operation and teamwork.
"Forming" all rounded students.

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